Top 7 Plugins You Must Have To Build Your Shopping Website

Grow Your Business With Readymade Extensions And Complete Your Online Store With Ease.

Extensions, Plugins and Integrations are made to make your life easier. When you start building an e-commerce business, a feature-rich interface is something you need for an effortless shopping experience for the customers.

Whether you plan to launch a multi-vendor marketplace or a highly immersive niche storefront, we list below some features which you should definitely integrate to your online shopping website:

1. Payment Gateway

Authorize, Apple Pay, Stripe and PayPal are some of the top payment gateways in the world for automatic payment processing and total payment management for your online business.

In one way, integration of these extensions can be done very quickly for Spree Commerce stores (Ruby on Rails platform) to enable various modes of payments like credit cards, mobile payment and digital wallet etc. You may check these plugins out on Spree Commerce official page here.

Fortunately, you don’t need to code every functionality these days. Just install some pre-built packages and see the magic for yourself!

2. Account Creation and Login

Once you have the ability to list products, accept payments and manage the shipping services, you should think about maintaining a database of your customers.

By letting the shoppers create accounts on your website, you would have several advantages like improving the retention rate, using email marketing tools to target a specific audience, and making product recommendations – to name a few.

This plugin starts customer authentication for Rails-based stores made with Spree.

3. Offers, Discounts & Promo Codes

Offers generate publicity for any business. Instead of entirely re-programming a portion of your website, you can simply install a ready-made solution which quickly enables you to offer discounts and promotions at any time of the year.

This type of marketing campaign has a great potential to expand the customer base, bring more sales and even boost your company’s profile for an appreciable output in the market.

For example, check this Buy 1 Get 1 Extension made by Vinsol.

4. Product Reviews (and Comments)

Customer experience is the cornerstone of a successful business. Post-sales good reviews can present you with more sales due to positive references, and bad reviews give you ample of opportunities to improve. Personally, I am very reluctant to purchase a product online without reading some helpful comments first. Likewise, everyone’s buying decision is affected by online reviews and comments for a seller or product.

Download Spree Commerce reviews extension.

5. Digital Content

If customers should be able to purchase, download and view the digital content like movies, music, apps and ebooks on your website, then an extension like Spree Digital is what you are looking for. Whether free or paid, customers can instantly download the digital content with a plugin like Spree Digital. Also, for digital asset management, check this extension developed by Vinsol.

Download Spree Digital.

Download Vinsol’s Digital Asset Management Extension.

6. Email Marketing Automation

An automated marketing platform is a very useful tool to grow your online business via targeted campaigns. Email marketing has become one of the most sought after methods to increase the sales, and tools like Mailchimp, AWeber and GetResponse have gained immense popularity to handle such campaigns for the e-commerce websites. Therefore, an Email Marketing extension which integrates with Ruby on Rails based shopping portals is something you must not miss for your business.

Check out THIS extension, which attaches Mailchimp’s services with Spree websites.

7. Returning Products

For progressive business expansion, earning a decent customer satisfaction rate should be your priority, just like Amazon’s remarkable reminder for all of us – Customer First!

And once a product is sold, you should not hesitate to enable customers with a smooth process of Returns & Refunds because it is a ‘must have’ feature for any e-commerce business. There are many plugins in the market built for RoR stores to manage the returns. One of them is SpreeCommerce Items Return, which can be downloaded below:

Download SpreeCommerce Items Return.

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