Top 5 Beautiful Websites Made With Ruby On Rails Which Are Globally Successful

See The Ruby On Rails ‘Gems’ In Action

Written in Ruby programming language, Ruby on Rails, RoR, or simply Rails is a highly popular web application framework to develop interactive websites, scalable e-commerce platforms, server-side web applications, and other multi-purpose applications with numerous advantages such as:

  • Very fast development process
  • Active and helpful community
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
  • Simple English-like syntax
  • Writing less code with minimum repetition and basis of convention over configuration
  • No specific expertise of Ruby language required to start with Rails
  • Plenty of third-party libraries and modules to integrate

But, let us reassure you with the following 5 Beautiful Websites Made With Ruby On Rails, that we picked out of countless successful businesses being run with Rails:

1. Shopify

One of the most successful companies in the domain of e-commerce, Shopify scaled over time to currently host about 500,000 e-commerce stores. Its interface is a boon for emerging entrepreneurs who have no coding experience and a limited budget to start and operate their online stores. With mostly plug and play features, Shopify provides anyone with an opportunity to not only build a user-friendly website to list products and services, but experience an excellent set of admin features for the backend teams to manage storefronts.

2. Airbnb

Ruby on Rails is the main language which runs our personal favorite – Airbnb. An extremely simple interface for the customers and a powerful foundation to serve millions of users worldwide, Airbnb proves that when it comes to building a business empire, Ruby on Rails is second to none. In fact, there is a rumor that Airbnb used simple HTML, JS and PHP in the beginning, but made the move to adopt Rails after their initial success. It is a known fact that RoR has no problem to handle very-large-scale enterprises.

You may also read about the Pros and Cons of Ruby on Rails For E-commerce Websites.

3. GitHub

Tell any coder about this notion and their thoughts would be similar, i.e., without GitHub, the world of IT development would have been different, and a very difficult one for sure. With Rails, the people behind GitHub have done a wonderful job by connecting the developer community with their free-to-use Git repository hosting service. A marvel of web development like GitHub for a seamless ‘revision control’ system and the management of source code was made possible by Ruby’s ability to create a reflective web interface, which serves millions of worldwide learners and professional coders who are breathing atop GitHub’s repositories in some way.

4. Hulu

A streaming and live TV service like Hulu introduces us about the flexibility of Rails, which is not only limited to create scalable shopping websites but also capable of extending your reach to alternate e-commerce ideas like digital subscription, live content and video-sharing platforms. So, what makes Hulu any different? Their tagline of personalized features and unique experience for each user – achieved by RoR’s easier-to-use frameworks.

But, what if a specific feature that you necessarily want to integrate with your e-commerce website is not available with Rails? This problem is very resolvable by seeking assistance either from an experienced community or any top Rails’s solutions provider (like Vinsol, Selleo, etc.) who would love to help you out in no time. Nevertheless, the benefits of Rails considerably outweigh the issues you would face with it.

5. Kickstarter

Last but not least – Kickstarter. This beautiful website is written in Ruby on Rails, while it is stacked with AWS (as we know) and probably NGINX for the web server. In a world filled with so many programming languages, hats off to Rails to convince the team behind Kickstarter for launching and making their business so popular that several Oscar-nominated films are thought to have gotten their fundings through Interesting enough for you?

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