Why Customer Reviews Are Important For Any Online Business

customer reviews

Significance Of Customer Feedback For Product Development & Business Expansion.

Launch a totally new product and see for yourself how quickly a multitude of spin-off products flood the market. Your unique selling point, something which sets you apart from your competitors is going to be one of the winning elements for a successful run. And, what makes your e-commerce application stand out?

Customer Satisfaction by far.

Ask any multinational company about their measures to improve or retain a fine level of customer satisfaction score. The reviews that happy customers post online can convince anyone, immediately in my case, to place an order with confidence. However, the effect on sales for a product or service with ratings like “★★1⁄2 out of 5” can be inevitably displeasing.

Therefore, here’s what you should do to gain positive feedback for your e-commerce venture:

The Product Itself

Make the customers want your product, not as in you need the customers to survive. The success of any organization rests on an invention, an eccentric idea or something so different and useful that no other rival can match. Think about how you can solve a problem in a better way, not how you can earn money from a startup.

Profiting from a business is very achievable. If you have not figured it out by now, it is not easy at all! Hard work, diligence, occupational knowledge, technical expertise, innovation, everything comes into play.

Give The Opportunity To Your Customers To Spread the Word About Your Product.

Listen to your customers and act accordingly. Use as many review forums as possible (i.e., Yelp, Google My Business, etc.) to enable the customers to leave ratings and reviews about your product.

There are many solutions in the market that can integrate your e-commerce application with a Reviews & Ratings Management tool to collect feedback, address concerns and answer to queries alongside the product rating section.

Leveraging positive feedback to reach toward your financial goals can also be done with the help of extensions that can add user-friendly features to your e-commerce application, such as radio button to leave ratings, show pros-cons, sort reviews, link third-party review sites to your product, etc.

For example, Ruby on Rails websites built with Spree can install this extension: https://github.com/spree-contrib/spree_reviews

However, if the section to read and write feedback (and Q&A) is completely missing from your e-commerce application, then there is a good probability of losing business which you could have acquired easily with a bestselling product.

Step Up Your Game And Improvise With Public Opinion

First of all, filter out only the authentic ratings to work on. A well-written feedback about a product, negative or not, should be addressed and thanked accordingly. Incorporating customer opinion in product improvement and relevant research is a remarkable way of meeting customer expectations and focusing to develop the desired product.

Collecting information across various channels, apart from your own application, would help you to find the right target audience apart from upgrading the road map for existing products.

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